About Us

Who is Austin Sites?

Austin Sites began as a mindset in 2019 although it was finally labeled in 2021. This mindset was to live life to the fullest, meet the most people, try the most food and explore Austin. Unfortunately with COVID-19… this was a challenge. That’s why in 2021 we decided to dedicate time to help those find community around us. By building the Austin community up we hope to share our three core values: live with love, shop local and try something new every day.

  1. Living with love. Moving to Austin was not just a move, it was a cultural adaptation. People here have a love and kindness towards one another. It can sometimes seem like a “you do you” mindset, but it is oddly welcoming. Strangers will say “hello” as your sitting at a bar ordering Tapas from Loro or a couple on the street will share their dog with you for some pets. I had a desire to become this ‘Austinite’ and so I did.
  2. Shop Local. I wanted to give back to the thousands of families relying on US in the Austin area. I understand how hard it is to be a business owner and it fuels my heart to be able to give back to those who work so hard.
  3. Try New Things. Get out of your comfort, speak to new people, eat new foods… truly become an Austinite by embracing the ‘never say no’ attitude.

Regardless of our following, we are humans and fellow Austinites and LOVE to help out those who need recommendations or suggestions (even if Austin is just your weekend getaway!) So DM us, email us, however you wanna reach/beep us… we’re here for you as every Austinite has been there for us. Cheers to you and welcome to Austin, we hope it exceeds your expectations.